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Podcast FAQ

Do I need an iPod to receive podcasts?

No, you do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts. Podcasts are merely RSS feeds that include an audio file in the enclosure field. Many of the newer RSS feed readers allow users to listen to podcasts.

How do I create a podcast?
Creating a Podcast basically means recording a audio file, and placing the file in an RSS 2.0 feed in the enclosure tag in an item. There are a number of software tools available to assist with recording and editing an audio file. There are also tools available to create an RSS 2.0 feed, give FeedForAll a try.

Why is called Podcasting?
The name comes from iPod and broadcasting, which has managed to cause confusion because an iPod is not needed to listen to podcasts. Regardless the name has stuck.

What expenses are associated with podcasting?
There is the initial expense of audio recording equipment, and depending on the quality of the podcasts you intend to create can be expensive. As far as ongoing costs go, if you host your podcasts and they are popular you may find that bandwith can become expensive.

If I post the Podcast to my website why should I submit it to the podcasting directories?
Promoting your podcast will increase your exposure and quite possibly bring you additional listeners. The Tips to Promoting a Podcast article might assist you -

Are there any size limitations to podcasts?
There are no maximiums or minimums. Obviously the larger the files might intimidate listeners with a slow connection. Ultimately podcasts of any size can succeed, if the content is quality.

Do you have to pay royalty fees when doing a music Podcast? If so, what site would you recommend?
Podcasting and copyrights are a very tricky issue. There are a series of articles you might find useful at:
Fair Use and Podcasts
Copyrights and Podcasts

Outside of that a podcaster has four choices: to attempt to obtain licenses from the record companies; to limit podcasts to sound recordings not subject to copyright protection (generally, U.S. recordings pressed before February 15, 1972 [careful: a CD reissue of a pre-1972 recording is a new, protected, sound recording]); to use creative commons licensed music; or to eliminate sound recordings altogether from podcasts. (found on the following website: )

This article details the steps necessary to attempt to obtain licenses in order to use music for podcasting: This site provides links to all websites with podcast-legal music:

Here is a podcasting legal guide that includes "The Good News: 5 Instances Where Permission Is Not Required." about halfway down the page:

Currently there are not alot of sites sell rights to music to use in podcasts. The industry is still trying to work out how they want to handle this.

Currently creative commons or paying for rights on each individual song is the only option for a podcaster right now. There are hopes of this changing in the future.

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